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If the performance of the game seems too slow, or the game is failing to run properly, then try disabling "Lighting Effects" (from the main menu, go to Options).

If the game fails to run, or has problems, please try the following:

Known issues

There are some known issues:

Main menu

The main menu has options to start the game or load a previously saved game, or set some options. The available options are:

You can also select "Offline help" to open up these instructions, or "Online help" to launch this website in your browser ("Online help" is better as it allows you to play the game while the instructions are open in the browser, as well as meaning you get the latest version of the webpage, but "Offline help" is useful if you are without an Internet connection).

On Android, the Load menu also provides the option to Import and Export save game files. The Export option can be used to access the save game files, e.g., to send them to me for debugging purposes - see Contacting me for details. It also allows you to backup save games, or transfer them to another Android device. To Import, copy the save game files into the folder net.sourceforge.erebusrpg/ (in sdcard/) (created automatically when you run Erebus for the first time), then use the Import option to be able to use them. Note that the Import and Export options will overwrite any existing files with the same name.

When starting the game, you also have various choices:


Click "Start game", then click "Next" (accepting the default options) until the game starts. After the game loads, you'll be shown details of your first quest: to kill all the goblins in the dungeon.

To move your character, click where you want to move to (either with the mouse, or touch for touchscreens). You can scroll the view around by clicking/touching and dragging (also on PCs, you can scroll by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen).

Move your character to the right, to the crossroads, and you will soon be attacked by a goblin! To fight, click/touch on the goblin.

Towards the top left will be displayed your portrait, and a green bar indicating your health. When you are attacking an enemy, next to this will be displayed the name of the enemy, and a red bar indicating its health.

Hopefully you will be able to defeat the goblin, which will then leave behind some gold to pick up. Enemies may be carrying gold and/or items, which they leave behind when they die. To pick up gold or an item, simply click/touch to move over the item, then click/touch on the item to pick it up.

Now explore the rest of the dungeon, and kill all remaining goblins! If your health becomes low, you should rest. You can rest by clicking on the Rest button on the left of the screen, when not near enemies, and this will restore your health. If you encounter doors, click/touch on them to open the door. You will be told when you have completed the quest. When this is so, return to where you started, and exit through the door that was to the left. You can do this by click/touching to move to the door, then click/touch to exit.

This should be enough information to get you started, but it is recommended to read the rest of the instructions here!


As explained in "Quickstart", you can move your character around by click/touching where you want to move to. You can also click/touch and drag to move the view around. On PCs you can also scroll by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen.

You can zoom in and out by using the "zoom" gesture on multitouch touchpads or multitouch touchscreens (or see the zoom in and out GUI buttons, below).

There are various other controls:

Erebus can also be controlled via a keyboard:

There is a row of GUI button icons towards the top-right, providing the following controls (in order, left-to-right):

There are further controls and information that can be accessed from the buttons on the left hand side (or via a keyboard shortcut):

Stats (F1)

This shows your character's current statistics, which indicate how good you are at various activities, as well as your current health, and experience:

Items (F2)

This window displays the items that you are carrying. You can filter the list by selecting the options along the top (e.g., to only display weapons, click "Wpns"). The window also displays how much gold you have, and the current weight in the format "current weight / maximum weight". If the current weight exceeds the maximum weight you can carry, you must drop some items before you can move.

To do more with a particular item, select the item by clicking it. You can then:

There are also special types of items: weapons, armour and shields.

Weapons are used in combat. Your current weapon, if any, is indicated with "[Current Weapon]". To use a different weapon, select it then click "Arm Weapon". You can also disarm the current weapon by selecting it and clicking "Disarm Weapon". If you have no weapon armed you will fight with your fists, though this is not recommended. Different weapons have different amounts of damage, which you can see by selecting the "Info" option. Damage is given in a format of rolling dice, as: "X"D"Y" + "Z", where "X" is the number of dice thrown, "Y" is the type of dice ("Y" equal to 10 means a D10, i.e., a 10 sided die with numbers 1 to 10), "Z" is the number added to the value. So "2D10 + 1" means roll two D10s, add the results, and add 1. "3D6 - 1" means roll three D6s, add the results, and subtract 1.

Some weapons are "ranged" (e.g., bows) which means you can use them from a distance. They also need ammunition (e.g., arrows are needed for bows) which are stored as a separate item.

Some weapons have a minimum strength (see "Info") - if your strength is not high enough, you will be unable to fight with this weapon!

Armour is worn to protect you in combat, reducing the damage you take. Similar to with weapons, the currently worn armour is indicated with "[Current Armour]", and you can change into new armour by selecting it, and clicking "Wear Armour" (or "Take Off Armour" to take it off).

Some armour types have a minimum strength (see "Info") - if your strength is not high enough, you will be unable to move with this armour!

Shields may also be used, but not if you are using a two-handed weapon. To use a shield, select the shield and click "Arm Shield" (or "Disarm Shield" to stop using it). A shield will provide you with extra protection in combat.

Some other kinds of items may allow additional options - e.g., potions allowing you the option to drink them.

Journal (F3)

Displays details of your quest.

Pause (P)

Pauses the game. To unpause, click anywhere. Note that the game also pauses when the window is deactivated, so again click anywhere to unpause.

Rest (R)

Rest until you have recovered your health. You can't rest if enemies are nearby. In some locations, there may be a risk of being woken by a wandering monster!

Options (Escape)

This offers the following options:

Leaving the dungeon

As explained above, you can leave the dungeon at any time by clicking on the exit near where you started. This will heal your wounds (as with resting). You can also visit various shops to buy items with your gold, and sell any items you found that you don't want. Note that the sale price of items will always be less than the purchase price!

If you haven't completed your quest yet, you can click "Continue your Quest" to return to the dungeon to complete your quest. If you had completed the quest, then you can click "Start next Quest" to start the next quest.

If you are on the last quest, and have completed it, then leaving the dungeon means you have completed the game! Note that currently Erebus is a work in progress, and more quests will be added in future versions. If you have a save game file, this should be compatible with future versions (note that changes to the quest you are currently playing will not take effect on any existing save game files, to avoid risk of incompatibilities, but you should be able to move onto any new quests that have been added).


There are many dangerous enemies you may meet during your adventures:

Goblins. These are small, foul creatures. Whilst one of the weaker races of evil, they are still able to overpower less experienced adventurers, and can be deadly in numbers. Whilst many goblins form their own tribes, others are found enslaved by larger creatures such as Orcs.

Hobgoblins. These are believed to be a cross between Goblins and Orcs, and are less common than either of those creatures. They look similar to Goblins, but are stronger opponents.

Orcs. These are the most common enemy to civilised societies. Large and brutish, they are physically stronger than many humans. They mostly dwell underground in caves and dungeons, but can be found in the wilderness. They typically live and travel in packs. They usually keep away from human settlements, instead only attacking travellers and adventurers, but they are most dangerous when well trained and organised into armies.

Trolls. These are huge, stupid creatures, but have great strength and make strong opponents. They have the special ability to regenerate their health, even when engaged in combat, which can make them particularly hard to kill.

Wyverns. Winged reptiles. These fast flying animals are often hostile.

Zombies. These unnatural beings are rotting corpses of the recently deceased, animated back to life by magical means. These undead creatures move slowly, but are strong opponents. They are also ridden with disease, which can be caught by those they strike. If you are infected with disease, this will reduce your Fighting Prowess and Strength by 1. This can only be cured with a Cure Disease potion.

Skeletons. These terrifying undead creatures are created by necromancers, often to acts as their servants, as guardians, or even form massive armies. Arrows are not very effective against skeletons.

Shadows. These undead beings are ghostly creatures, trapped on this earthly plane. These evil creatures were once people. Now, they can only be seen by their shadows, and they can be harmed only by magical weapons.

Fire Ants. Huge ants, usually that live underground. They are fast moving. Beware when you kill them, as they explode upon dying!

Giant Spiders. Some species of spider can grow to a size larger than a human. They may be found underground, or in some parts of the wilderness. They also have the ability to cause temporary paralysis on a successful hit, due to their poisonous bite!

Minotaurs. The head of bull with the body of a human, these creatures are presumably created through magical means or perhaps other experimentation.


Currently your player cannot use magic (though this will be added in later versions), but you will encounter some enemies that can cast spells. The existing magic system is fairly simple, though the following spells are currently implemented:

Acid Strike. The spell causes a jet of acid to be sprayed at the target, causing 2D20 damage (reduced by armour or shield).

Agony. The spell uses the caster's psychic energy, directed at the unfortunate recipient, causing great pain - and 2D20 damage (with no defence from armour or shield). The effects can be avoided with a successful Mind test.

Fire Bolt. The spellcaster shoots forth a bolt of fire at the target, causing 2D10 damage (a shield reduces damage, armour has no effect).

Heal. This spell heals the recipient, causing wounds to magically close up, bruises to disappear, fractured bones to be mended and so on, restoring 4D6 health points.

Paralyse. If the recipient fails a Mind test, then he or she is gripped with feelings of terror and dread, and unable to move, for 10 seconds.

Command line options

On non-mobile platforms, Erebus can be run in windowed mode by running from the command line with the argument "-windowed". E.g., on Windows, run with:

erebus.exe -windowed

You can also set the folder for where data will be loaded from, e.g., on Linux:

./erebus -datafolder=/home/my_user/Documents/erebussrc/

Contacting me (bugs etc)

Please contact me at mark dot harman at ntlworld dot com .

If you are reporting a bug, if possible please send me:

Help wanted!

If you would like to contribute to Erebus, there are various ways you can help:

Any content for Erebus must be released under a Free/Open Source compatible licence (e.g.,
CC BY 3.0) for me to be able to use it.


Erebus is completely free, however if you wish you can show your appreciation and support future development by donating! This can be done through Paypal below (Paypal account not required). Thanks! Donations can be used for: purchasing hardware for porting/testing; commissions or donations for artwork; app store fees; advertising; beer money :)

Also see my Sourceforge donation page.

You can also donate via Bitcoin (Bitcoin address 1LKCFto9SQGqtcvqZxHkqDPqNjSnfMmsow). Android users can donate via purchasing my donation app.


Version 0.15 (Work in progress)

FIXED   Bug in random dungeon generation.
UPDATED More variation in random dungeon levels.

Version 0.14 (2014/06/07)

FIXED   Crash on some devices (especially Android) when all ammo of a ranged
        weapon was used up.
FIXED   Random dungeons could create room with scenery blocking doors.
FIXED   Multitouch zoom gesture now works properly on Windows 8 touchscreens.
FIXED   View shouldn't follow the player's position if close to edge of screen,
        when scrolling/zooming with mouse or touchscreen.
FIXED   Scrolling should only occur when mouse at edge of screen, not in the
        taskbar (or whatever) area.
FIXED   Trap difficulty attribute was being ignored.
ADDED   New enemy Fire Ant, added to 3rd quest.
ADDED   Paper texture for background of text.
UPDATED Pressing space/return when armed with a ranged weapon now only targets
        enemies in the direction you are facing (so makes it possible to cancel
        an attack when running away, when using keyboard control).
UPDATED Don't display item weights in player sell list when trading.

Version 0.13 (2014/02/10)

FIXED   Problem if pressing Alt+F4 (Windows) or back button (Android) during
        the Start game options pages - starting the game again wouldn't reset
        to the first options page, and in some cases this would cause a crash.
FIXED   Problems on Android if pressing back button whilst starting/loading a
        game (either game would quit completely without warning, or multiple
        confirmation windows could open).
FIXED   Level up window on Android had text overlapping with checkboxes.
FIXED   Bug with keyboard detection when another window opened when a key was
        being pressed.
FIXED   With keyboard movement, only cancel player action if changing direction.
FIXED   Incorrect text for one of the ghost's lines in 2nd quest.
FIXED   When using keyboard control, when armed with ranged weapon, and enemy
        targetted, a "swish" sound would play even when the player was being
        moved with the keyboard.
FIXED   Improved picking up of items - in particular, problem on 1st quest
        where the Red Gem would sometimes be missed, when picking up the
        Goblin's items.
ADDED   Skill system. Each character now has a set of special skills, giving
        them particular abilities.
ADDED   Implemented multiple Attacks; new Potion of Rage (+1 Attacks); Minotaur
        now has 2 attacks.
ADDED   Sound effect for attack spells.
ADDED   New weapon: sling.
ADDED   New enemy Troll, added to 3rd quest.
ADDED   New GUI button to target an enemy (so you will attack, moving towards
        the enemy if necessary), or cycles through the enemies if one is
        already targetted. Can be useful on touchscreens if you are having
        difficulty picking which enemy to attack.
UPDATED Character choice screen now displays picture, stats, skills and details
        for the currently selected choice.
UPDATED Improved layout of stats window.
UPDATED Info window for items (e.g., when buying items) now displays if a
        weapon or armour is too weak for your character.
UPDATED Now using female looking player graphics for some characters.
UPDATED Improved graphics for spell casting.
UPDATED When fighting enemies that require a magical weapon, hand-to-hand
        combat is now conducted using M instead of FP.
UPDATED Penalty of 2 to FP if player is unarmed.
UPDATED Dagger now has FP modifier of -1; shortbow now has BS modifier of -1.
UPDATED Now using new graphics for dagger.
UPDATED Halfling character now has -1 FP, +1 D, +25 Health, +10 Gold.
UPDATED Auto-arm ammo when firing a weapon, if an ammo is not already armed.
UPDATED Improvements to random dungeons: more items to find, more monsters to
        fight, more scenery.
UPDATED Item description window now displays item icon.
UPDATED Replaced a Skeleton with a Skeleton Archer in 3rd quest.
UPDATED Reintroduce specific graphics for Goblin Champion.
UPDATED New graphics for Orc Champion, Hobgoblin and Shadow.
UPDATED Added some more Hobgoblins to 3rd quest.
UPDATED Engine now supports NPCs having differently sized graphics (currently
        used for Troll, and Minotaur has also been enlarged).
UPDATED Android devices with low resolutions (specifically, "normal" screen
        size that are ldpi or mdpi) are now blocked in Google Play. In
        practice, this rules out devices with resolution 480x320 or less, which
        Erebus does not support. Please let me know if this has blocked your
        device, and it has a resolution of 800x480 or higher!
UPDATED Pressing 'N' to target/switch an enemy now moves the player towards the
        enemy to attack, if necessary.

Version 0.12 (2013/12/08)

FIXED   Problem failing to load saved games in some circumstances - note that
        unfortunately this won't fix existing save games, but the problem
        shouldn't occur with new save games that are now created.
FIXED   Potential bug to do with amount of gold for rewards from NPCs not being
        initialised correctly.
FIXED   Android version can now play multiple sounds at once.
ADDED   Android version now plays footsteps sound.

Version 0.11 (2013/11/26)

FIXED   Crash if game failed to find game data.
FIXED   Potential crash when using volume control keys on Android.
FIXED   Fixed level up window for lower resolution non-mobile screens (e.g.,
        1024x600 netbooks).
FIXED   Made it so that "Inn" shop doesn't appear in campaign window, nor as an
        NPC shopkeeper in random dungeons.
FIXED   On Android, text windows were slightly misaligned if scrolling (due to
        attempting to display a scrollbar).
ADDED   New music by Alexander Timoshenko (on Windows and Linux).
ADDED   Option to import/export save game files from/to external storage on
ADDED   If save game fails to load on Android, save game file will be copied to
        SD card.
ADDED   New command line option -datafolder to specify location of data folder.
UPDATED No longer using WebKit - on Android, this reduces the required library
        downloads from ~25MB to ~10MB; on Windows, this reduces the required
        install size by ~10MB.
UPDATED Now using SFML 2 instead of Phonon for audio on Windows and Linux
        (allows gapless looping, and fixes audio problems on Linux). Note that
        unfortunately an SFML bug means the game will now crash on Windows XP -
        see known issues.
UPDATED Added footsteps sounds for Linux (now work properly with SFML).
UPDATED Display message when game is paused.
UPDATED Display message when player receives an item or gold from an NPC.
UPDATED Improved collision detection and input handling for large scenery items
        displayed in an "isometric" orientation.
UPDATED Improved performance of path finding (by removing unnecessary path graph
UPDATED Background music (for Windows/Linux) now paused when game is in
UPDATED Options now allow control of music and sound effects volume separately.
UPDATED Character direction when using keyboard movement now always follows the
        direction requested from keyboard.
UPDATED Display help info when choosing game type.
UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Qt 4.8.5.
INFO    Symbian port dropped.

Version 0.10 (2013/06/24) (Only released for Source and Android)

FIXED   Crash if player exits a location whilst fighting an enemy.
FIXED   "Black screen" problem on Android when screen is blanked/inactive.
FIXED   If game couldn't be saved due to enemies nearby, game was unpaused
        without closing the options window.
FIXED   Options window wasn't closed when saving in permadeath mode.
FIXED   Fatal signal on exit on Android.
FIXED   Improved french translation for low resolution screens (e.g., 800x480).
FIXED   Player animation would sometimes appear jerky when using keyboard
UPDATED Android version now pauses when app goes inactive; also should preserve
        battery life better due to disabling updates and game logic when
UPDATED Volume on Android version now controlled entirely through device's
        volume keys.
UPDATED Android screen now remains on rather than blanking when idle.
UPDATED Performance improvements.
UPDATED Android version now stores logfile in net.sourceforge.erebusrpg/ (so
        can be viewed without having root).
UPDATED Improvements for lower resolution displays (including fixing Stats
        window problem on 480x320 Android devices, though note this low
        resolution is still not recommended).
UPDATED Improve FPS display (on non-mobile platforms).

Version 0.9 (2013/06/06) (Only released for Source and Android)

FIXED   Sometimes created save game files that couldn't be loaded (e.g., 2nd
        quest) (bug was in v0.8, but not v0.7).
FIXED   Android back button now works correctly in all parts of the UI (also
        works with Alt+F4 etc on other platforms).
UPDATED Arrows now only do 50% damage against Skeletons.
UPDATED Android version can now be moved to external SD card (set
ADDED   Code for handling translations for "hardcoded" (not quest data) text
        (thanks to Jeremy Lomoro).
ADDED   Partial French translation (thanks to Jeremy Lomoro) (Windows and Linux
        only for now).
ADDED   Locations can now take game time to travel between them (not yet made
        use of in any existing quests).

Version 0.8 (2013/05/23) (Only released for Source and Android)

FIXED   Problems when user pressed Alt+F4, Escape (or Back button on Android)
        when some windows were displayed.
FIXED   Included gpl.txt licence file was for v2 rather than v3.
FIXED   For Linux, converted desktop file to Unix line endings, and removed
        deprecated entry "Encoding".
UPDATED Tweak to levelling options.
UPDATED UI fixes for Android.
UPDATED Minor UI improvements.
UPDATED Android target SDK set to 15 (4.0.3).
UPDATED Reduced file size of no_more_magic.ogg.
ADDED   Slider to control volume (under options menu).

Version 0.7 (2013/04/15)

FIXED   Major bug where choosing a custom name meant the player started with no
FIXED   'N' keypress for cycling through enemies didn't work properly.
FIXED   Pathfinding didn't always update correctly when doors were removed.
FIXED   Fixed UI for clicking on scenery where the visual height is distinct
        from the scenery height.
FIXED   Made Armourer's building smaller, to scale properly with player size.
FIXED   Android: fixed problems with Android default keyboard, as well as
        crashes with Swype keyboard (fixed by disabling predictive text).
FIXED   Turbo mode shouldn't be preserved between games.
FIXED   Using keyboard control to interact with scenery would sometimes ask the
        user multiple times.
FIXED   Windows wouldn't always open fullscreen when they were supposed to on
ADDED   More torches scenery.
UPDATED Improved look of doors.
UPDATED Display names for Armourer and General Stores in 2nd quest village.
UPDATED Undead levels for random dungeons.
UPDATED Improved click and keyboard movement behaviour near boundaries and
UPDATED Improved visibility testing.
UPDATED Improved path-finding around static NPCs.
UPDATED Improved behaviour of walking towards scenery, for non-direct paths.
UPDATED Improved GUI toolbar sizing for different resolutions.
UPDATED Improved touch sensitivity for clicking on scenery.
UPDATED Improved keyboard behaviour for clicking on scenery, when standing on
        top of scenery (e.g., trapdoor/grate).
UPDATED Improved look-and-feel for Symbian.

Version 0.6 (2013/03/24)

FIXED   Extra strong hits should apply to hand-to-hand combat (fix it properly
        this time!)
FIXED   NPCs casting spells shouldn't be displaying "run" animation.
FIXED   Logging and save games fixed to work on systems with unicode path for
        the home/user directory. Filenames with unicode also now supported.
FIXED   Potential crash if sound system fails to work.
FIXED   Placement of NPCs where graphical image is not equal width and height.
FIXED   Images for scenery info windows weren't displaying on Android.
ADDED   New gameplay mode: random dungeon.
ADDED   Player can now select which two statistics to increase when levelling
ADDED   New weapon "Holy Water", can be thrown at "unholy" creatures causing
        them damage.
ADDED   New weapon "Acid", can be thrown at enemies.
ADDED   New spells "Acid Strike", "Agony", "Heal", "Paralyse".
ADDED   Targetted enemy is now highlighted with a bouncing red circle.
ADDED   Arrows now displayed when firing bows.
ADDED   Graphical effect for spells.
ADDED   "Turbo" option to make game time go at 2x rate.
ADDED   Various (random) "game over" messages, also displays achieved level and
ADDED   New "permadeath" optional game mode - only one save game allowed, which
        is deleted if you die!
ADDED   New quicksave option.
ADDED   New Orc Shaman.
ADDED   Support for different types of ammo.
ADDED   Character portraits.
ADDED   Journal now records interaction with NPCs (sub-quests), along with
        record of time elapsed in quest.
ADDED   Allow player's name to be specified by the user.
ADDED   New tilemaps support - added road to village/past level.
ADDED   Smoke effect for Armourer's building.
ADDED   Pressing 'N' cycles targetting through the visible enemies.
ADDED   Fade in/out graphical effects.
ADDED   Make install now supported on Linux.
ADDED   Ported to Open Pandora.
UPDATED Improved AI, enemies now follow you round corners!
UPDATED Enemies now try to flee if sufficiently injured, and fail a bravery
UPDATED Improved clicking on scenery and NPCs.
UPDATED Improved performance of game when player moves (due to improved
        performance of visibility detection).
UPDATED Performance tweaks for Symbian.
UPDATED NPC and scenery graphics now lazily loaded - improves startup
        performance, and reduces memory usage.
UPDATED Fire Bolt spell damage now not reduced by armour (only shield).
UPDATED Zooming in/out with multitouchpad zoom no longer unpauses game.
UPDATED Documentation for spells; other improvements to documentation.
UPDATED Giant Spider now has chance of causing paralysis on successful hit.
UPDATED Zombie now has chance of causing disease on a successful hit.
UPDATED Save/load game lists now display date and time; no need to hack this
        information into the filename itself.
UPDATED Save/load game lists now sorted properly by date and time, most recent
UPDATED Journal now autoscrolls to bottom (i.e, most recent).
UPDATED Save game successfully saved message now done as an on-screen text
UPDATED On non-mobile platforms, some windows now don't show as fullscreen.
UPDATED Fixed hard opaque shadows to be soft.
UPDATED Replaced lower button bar with smaller buttons at the top-right.
UPDATED Changed font for non-mobile platforms.
UPDATED If unable to open log file in OS user space, try in program folder.

Version 0.5 (2013/01/28)

FIXED   Bug with combat routines, also meant difficulty levels didn't work
FIXED   Current quest index would get reset when loading save games.
FIXED   Pathfinding bug in some circumstances when removing scenery (e.g.,
FIXED   Problem where player couldn't pick up items near NPCs.
FIXED   Should display NPC's name rather than template.
FIXED   "Bounce" effect for NPCs wasn't being saved.
FIXED   Wasn't loading NPC "default" positions correctly; also made it so NPCs
        return to their default positions when moving to another location, to
        fix a problem where the player could teleport/move into another NPC's
        position when moving into the location.
FIXED   Non-magic Rings should be displayed in Misc tab for items window.
FIXED   Extra strong hits shouldn't apply to ranged attacks.
FIXED   Wasn't saving information on smoke effects for fire scenery.
ADDED   New 3rd quest.
ADDED   Wandering monsters (when resting, and randomly spawning).
ADDED   Animated torch graphics.
ADDED   Footsteps sound effect.
ADDED   Paintings to 2nd quest.
UPDATED Changed player levelling, player stats now advance more slowly, to make
        game more scalable to high XP levels.
UPDATED Leather armour no longer has minimum strength requirement.
UPDATED Improved graphics, now has a more consistent 3D look, and new wall
UPDATED Improved door graphics.
UPDATED Display whether item is worn/etc in shop interface.
UPDATED Items that shop doesn't buy are now grayed out, and can't be selected.
UPDATED Made door opening sound quieter.
UPDATED Improved visibility detection of doors.
UPDATED Reduced size of "big" font on non-mobile platforms.
UPDATED Made keyboard movement smoother.
UPDATED Current weapon damage and armour rating displayed in stats window.
UPDATED Improved performance of loading/saving games.
UPDATED Lighting effects now defaults to off on Android and Symbian.

Version 0.4 (2013/01/01)

FIXED   Don't crash in InfoDialog if fail to load picture.
FIXED   Problems on Windows if Qt plugins not available: would crash when dying
        or otherwise displaying an InfoDialog with a picture; music and sound
        effects wouldn't work. Now distributed with all Qt plugins.
FIXED   Corrected FPS reading.
FIXED   Odd behaviour with kinetic scrolling when paused. Kinetic scrolling and
        mouse pointer scrolling now works when paused.
ADDED   Added Short Sword +1 to 2nd quest.
ADDED   Added Ring of Bravery to 2nd quest.
ADDED   Display text when enemies drop items when dying.
ADDED   Quest names.
UPDATED Improved frame rate for faster systems (was previously capped at around
        25 FPS, now allows up to 60 FPS).
UPDATED Improved graphics quality of smoke effect.
UPDATED Improved user interface behaviour of clicking on doors.
UPDATED Improved performance of path finding (also improves performance of
        starting quests, and opening doors).
UPDATED Improved performance by not doing some calculations every frame (e.g.,
UPDATED Aligned side buttons to have equal widths.
UPDATED Unpause on any key press.
UPDATED Don't show game area before displaying quest information, when starting
UPDATED Player's items in items window and trade windows are now sorted (by
        category, then alphabetically)

Version 0.3 (2012/12/22)

FIXED   Memory leak.
FIXED   Rock scenery texture was sometimes drawn above player.
FIXED   Lighting effects didn't work on Nokia 5800 when zoomed in.
ADDED   New gameplay element: Terror.
ADDED   Player can now be controlled via rogue-like keyboard controls.
ADDED   Smoke effect for fires.
UPDATED Improved floor graphics.
UPDATED Improved rock scenery texture.
UPDATED More graphical scenery.
UPDATED Made some 1st quest boundaries more natural and cave-like.
UPDATED Allowed floor regions to be concave rather than just convex.
UPDATED Reduced required disk size for some NPC animations.
UPDATED Various user interface improvements.
UPDATED Player now stops moving if caught in a mantrap.
UPDATED Smoother progress bar reporting when loading quest.
UPDATED Alt+F4, and back button on Android, now asks if player wants to quit
UPDATED More documentation.

Version 0.2 (2012/12/01)

FIXED   Fixed crash on exit for Ubuntu.
FIXED   Major memory leak when exiting a game.
FIXED   Hitting and death animations weren't displayed correctly.
FIXED   Improved NPC ranged combat behaviour.
FIXED   Player graphic wasn't displayed when nearly but not quite off-screen.
FIXED   Default save game filename was always the last day of the month.
FIXED   In game text effects sometimes drawn on top of each other.
FIXED   Fixed description for weapons with negative damage modifiers.
FIXED   Made multitouch zoom work properly on touchscreens.
ADDED   New quest.
ADDED   Choice of starting characters: Barbarian, Elf, Halfling, Ranger or
ADDED   More weapons: Dagger, Short Sword, Two Handed Sword, Shortbow.
ADDED   Lighting effects (optional).
ADDED   Background texture.
ADDED   Interaction with scenery.
ADDED   Friendly NPCs, that player can talk to.
ADDED   "Kinetic"-scrolling for map view.
ADDED   "O" button to centre of player's position.
ADDED   Some tooltips (for non-touch platforms).
ADDED   Some keyboard shortcuts.
ADDED   Display total weight that can be carried on items window.
ADDED   Autosave when game goes to background.
UPDATED Significantly reduced memory requirements of game.
UPDATED Improved pathfinding - player and NPCs can now navigate around each
UPDATED Made status bars transparent.
UPDATED If more than one item to pick up, allow user to choose which items to
        pick up.
UPDATED Replaced pop-up windowed dialogs with full-screen dialog (works better
        for Symbian and Android in particular).
UPDATED Improved clicking behaviour on NPC/enemies.
UPDATED Improved effect of potion of healing.
UPDATED Removed goblin_champion.png graphics for now.
And lots more improvements...

Version 0.1 (2012/07/21)

First public release.

Licences and credits

Erebus is released under the GPL v3 or later, except the following files:

Erebus uses Qt (under the LGPL) and SFML (under the zlib licence).

In short, this means you are free to distribute the archive as a whole, including commercial redistribution. If distributing the binary archive on another website, you should make the source archive available for download too. If distributing the binary archive on a physical medium (CD etc), it's sufficient to distribute the source archive too on the same medium (see the GPL for other possible ways to satisfy the licence). If you wish to modify or create derivative works, please pay attention to the individual licences.

Source code and quests by Mark Harman, with additional help:

Erebus main page.

If you are viewing the readme that came with Erebus, see here for the online version.